#ComedySWF Twitfest

On Twitter? Want a ticket to #comedyswf? Then check out this FREE contest!

Write a tweet of no more than 140 characters (including the hashtag #comfest) – the tweet must be a COMEDY LOGLINE and must describe a story that is either one YOU are working on, or IMAGINARY. (We DON’T want loglines for existing produced stories, please!). Obviously it can be as funny as you like (though not all comedy situations are automatically funny, of course).

THAT’S IT. That’s all you have to do!

The winner will receive a ticket to #comedyswf in April this year AND a set of CDs on genre and craft from screenwriting Mack Daddy Bill Martell of “Script Secrets” fame. Bill has written stacks of movies for cable over in the States and seriously knows what he’s talking about when it comes to script craft. Check out his brilliant site here: www.scriptsecrets.net.

So what are you waiting for? Get tweeting – but please check out the FAQ first!

How many times can I enter this one?
You can enter three times. Any seen after the third will be disregarded.

What’s the deadline?
The deadline is Friday, March 11th, 2011, 5pm.

What if I forget the #comfest hashtag in my tweet?
Then you won’t get entered into the contest! The hashtag is to help us with our searches and make sure no one gets missed, so make sure you include it.

What’s the prize?
A ticket #comedyswf on April 9-10th, 2011. A set of CDs from Bill Martell at Script Secrets. Please note getting to the festival and accommodation is the winner’s responsibility.

Can people from overseas enter?

How will you pick the winner?
Team LSF will pool its opinions and pick its favourite 10 from the tweets (after March 11th). We will then ask Bill Martell to pick his favourite from that 10 as the winner.

I’m not sure what a logline is, can you help?
Sure. Check out The Required Reading List – Loglines has its own section! Find it here: www.tinyurl.com/reqdreading

I’ve got a brilliant idea for a “hybrid genre” comedy, like a horror-comedy. Can I enter a  hybrid genre logline?
Of course you can. But do make sure we can know what it is from the *tone* of the logline!

I’m not on Twitter. Can you post my logline for me?
No, sorry – we’ve got loads of admin on at the moment and we’d hate to go and forget your loglines, so this is a Twitter contest ONLY. Why not join Twitter though? It’s free and offers loads of great contacts and info for writers, especially if you follow the #scriptchat hashtag.A guide to getting started on Twitter: http://lucyvee.blogspot.com/2010/03/twits-guide-to-twitter.html

Can I post my logline on the LSF Facebook page?
No, sorry – the twitfest is Twitter only, any loglines written on the FB page will be disregarded.

140 Characters minus #comfest, are you kidding? That’s totally not enough space to write my logline.
You’d be surprised how much you can squeeze into a tweet, even with a hashtag! It’s certainly a handy exercise for writers, give it a go!

Hmmmm…. I dunno. If I post my logline online like this, how do I know Team LSF won’t try to nick my idea? Or one of the delegates?? Freaking out here.
You can’t copyright an idea anyway. Plus script readers see the same ideas ALL THE TIME, it’s the execution of that idea that counts. Really! So why not give our contest a go? You’ve REALLY got nothing to lose… Check out this post about WHY people don’t nick scripts or ideas: http://lucyvee.blogspot.com/2011/02/wont-someone-nick-my-script-or-idea.html