Writer / Performer

Top credits: ‘Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression’, ‘Harry Enfield And Chums’, ‘Life Of Riley’.

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Kay Stonham is a comedy writer/performer for TV and Radio. She has appeared in ‘Hustle’, ‘New Tricks’ The Young Ones’ and Mike Leigh’s film ‘Home Sweet Home’.


Her writing work for radio includes her series ‘Audio Diaries’, (nominated for a Prix Italia award) and ‘Robin and Wendy’s Wet-Weekends’ in which she played Wendy. She also wrote for ‘Dead Ringers’, The Sunday Format’ and won the BBC Titheredge award for promising radio writers.


Her most recent work on TV was on series three of ‘Life of Riley’ but she has also worked on ‘My Family’ Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression’ which won Best Comedy Programme and ‘Harry Enfield’s Television Show’, which won a Writer’s Guild Award.


Her work for children includes ‘Grange Hill’, ‘Kerching’, ‘Dani’s House’, and ‘Muddle Earth’, all for CBBC and ‘Girls in Love’ for Granada TV. She also wrote for ‘Shaun the Sheep’ which this year won a Children’s Bafta, a Writer’s Guild award and an International Emmy.


She is currently developing a new children’s series with Red Productions, two new projects for BBC Radio Light Entertainment, and has recently completed a Master’s Degree in Screenwriting at the Royal Holloway University.


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