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Top credits: ‘Swinging With The Finkels’, ‘Foster’, ‘Father’s Day’. 

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Writer / Director Jonathan Newman has been described as one of the UK's 'most exciting filmmakers' to emerge in recent years, and was recently longlisted for the Hospital Club's top 100 media hotlist, chosen by industry peers around the country.


2010 sees the release of two feature films shot back to back, both written and directed by Newman and produced by partner Deepak Nayar (‘Bend It Like Beckham’, ‘Buena Vista Social Club’).


‘Swinging With The Finkels’ shot in 2009, tells the story of a bored couple who decide to spice up their marriage by swinging. It stars Martin Freeman (‘Love Actually’), singer/actress Mandy Moore (‘Chasing Liberty’) comedy legend and father of 'Ben', Jerry Stiller, Jonathan (‘Weekend At Bernies’) Silverman and Angus Deayton. The film was based on Newman's award winning short film of the same name and is released in cinemas on June 17th.


Almost immediately after, Jonathan shot the feature film ‘Foster’, a magical and heartwarming family film starring Emmy Award winning actress Toni Collette (‘The Sixth Sense’), Ioan Gruffudd (‘Fantastic Four’), Richard E Grant (‘Withnail & I’) and Oscar winner Hayley Mills (‘Pollyanna’, ‘The Parent Trap’). The film was also based on his award winning short film which screened on both HBO and BBC and earned Newman a BBC new filmmaker nomination.


Jonathan's short film ‘Father’s Day’, made for the 2010 Ford Mustang, won grand prize in a worldwide competition held by ad agency JWT and Filmaka. JWT subsequently hired Jonathan to shoot a 6 part documentary series in Japan on the art of drifting for the reveal of the new Ford Mustang.


British born, Newman spent his formative years in LA before returning to the UK. He earned his MA in Film Production from the Northern Film School and currently resides in London.


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