Top credits:
'Miranda', 'My Hero', 'My Family'

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James Cary is a comedy writer for BBC TV and Radio. His most recent work on TV was with Miranda Hart on BBC2's hit sitcom, ‘Miranda’ (nominated for RTS Award and BAFTA). He also co-wrote Miranda Hart's Radio 2 sitcom and ‘Miranda Hart's Jokeshop’ (nominated for a Sony Award). He is developing various new shows which are in the pilot script stage.

He has written three series of BBC Radio 4's sitcom ‘Hut 33’
. Before that, he wrote four series of ‘Think the Unthinkable’, starring Marcus Brigstocke and David Mitchell. It won a Silver Sony with its first episode. He also was the lead writer on Radio 4 sketch show, ‘Concrete Cow’ with Robert Webb and Olivia Colman.

James has also written episodes of ‘My Hero
’ and ‘My Family’ for BBC1. He is just written his fourth series of ‘Another Case of Milton Jones’ with, er, Milton Jones for BBC Radio 4.

His script editing work includes ‘Recorded For Training Purpose’s 
(BBC Radio 4), ‘Gigglebiz’ (CBeebies) and ‘Mr Bloom's Nursery’ (CBeebies).

He has also written a thoroughly readable yet highly unsuccessful novel, ‘Crossword Ends in Violence (5)’
about D-Day, codes, crosswords and chess.

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