Top credits: ‘Spitting Image, ‘My Family, ‘Horrible Histories’

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Comedian, Perrier nominee in a previous century, founder member of the Comedy Store Players, Dave Cohen is now known as a comedy writer who has worked across a huge range of shows from radio (‘Dead Ringers’, ‘News Quiz’, ‘Sunday Format’, ‘Jammin'’) to TV sitcoms (‘Not Going Out’, ‘My Family’, ‘Life Of Riley’), to topical (‘Spitting Image’, ‘11 O'Clock Show’, ‘Have I Got News For You’) and musical comedy: co-creating the Radio 4 hit ‘15 Minute Musical’, and providing many of the lyrics for BBC1's ‘Horrible Histories’ - which recently became the first children's show ever to win at the British Comedy Awards.
In 2001 Dave won the Comedy Heritage Award for best new comedy writer, and in 2009 '15 Minute Musical'
won the Writers' Guild Radio Comedy of the Year. 


Dave has spent more than a quarter of a century earning a living from comedy, more than half a life in fact, of sometimes getting it right and occasionally cocking things up. He now teaches sitcom writing, provides a sitco and sketch reading service, and tries to help new writers avoid cocking things up.
"Dave Cohen gives great notes." Sam Bain (Co-writer and creator: 'Peep Show'
, 'The Old Guys', 'Four Lions')


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