Writer / Producer
Top credits:
‘Borat’, ‘Bruno’, ‘Ali G Indahouse’ 

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Dan Mazer is a British Screenwriter, TV/Film Producer and Comedian. He is the long-time writing and production partner of Sacha Baron Cohen and has worked with him on such characters as Ali G, Borat and Bruno.   He co-wrote and co-produced the films ‘Ali G Indahouse’, ‘Borat’ and ‘Bruno’.


Dan was an active member of Cambridge Footlights while at university and was Vice President from 1993-1994.  His early work includes production roles in television on ‘The Word’, ‘The Big Breakfast’ and ‘The Eleven O’Clock Show’.





‘Bruno’ – Writer / Producer

‘Borat’ – Writer / Executive Producer

Ali G Indahouse’ – Co-Writer / Producer




‘Dog Bites Man’ – Creator / Writer / Director

‘The Ali G Show’ – Co-Creator / Writer / Producer

‘Daisy Daisy’ – Writer / Executive Producer

‘Da Ali G Show’ – Co-Creator / Co-Writer / Producer

‘Eleven O’Clock Show / Da Best Of Ali G’ – Writer / Producer

‘Fantasy Football World Cup’ – Writer / Producer

‘Big Breakfast’ – Producer / Editor

‘The Word’ – Assistant Producer


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