Top credits:
'‘My Family’, ‘Booze Cruise’, ‘The Two Ronnies’

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Brian and Paul are currently working on a new original sit-com for Baker Coogan/BBC called ‘10A Downing Street’; series 10 of ‘My Family’ with DLT Entertainment/BBC; a new comedy series called ‘Mates’ also with DLT Entertainment/BBC and developing a new pilot for a potential series with Tony Humphreys at Talent TV/Portman Pictures/Comedia Pictures (New Zealand) called ‘Head South’ to which Neil Morrissey is attached to star.

For television, Brian and Paul's many credits include ‘My Family’ Series 6 onwards and including Christmas episodes in 2005/6/8, the very popular ‘Booze Cruise’ for Yorkshire/ITV in 2003 starring Martin Clunes, Neil Pearson & Mark Benton and later ‘Booze Cruise II & III’ in 2005 & 2006 respectively (the third installment won Brian and Paul the Royal Television Society North Award for Best Network Drama); ‘Oh Doctor Beecking!’ (BBC) in 1997, episodes of ‘May To December’ (BBC) in 1993/4, ‘Time After Time’ (LWT) in 1993-5 (Winner of top ITV sit-com British Comedy Awards 1994), ‘Further Up Pompeii’ (LWT) in 1991.

Brian and Paul have also written material for countless sketch shows since 1985 including: ‘The Brian Conley Show’, ‘Noel Edmunds House Party’, ‘Cannon & Ball Special’, ‘Les Dennis Laughter Show’, ‘Ronnie Corbett Series’, ‘The Russ Abbott Show’ and ‘The Two Ronnies Series’.


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