The Producers...

Credits include: ‘Wayne’s World 1 & 2’, ‘St. Trinian’s 1 & 2’, ‘Burke and Hare’.
Barnaby Thompson has produced 5 of the top 20 highest grossing British independent movies of all time in the UK.
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Credits include: ‘Paul Merton - The Series', 'Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive', 'Dinnerladies'.
As Co-founder of Pozzitive TV with Geoff Posner, David has produced, directed and exec'd many of the most successful comedies of the last twenty years.
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Producing credits include '2 Pints Of Lager' & 2011 Project 'Whites' with Ricky Gervais
BBC producer Michelle Farr has worked her way up through the ranks of radio, TV and  now helmd major BBC comedy projects .
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Credits include: ‘Little Crackers’, ‘Gavin And Stacey’, ‘The Catherine Tate Show’.
Lucy spent 11 years at the BBC and was the BBC's first Controller of Comedy Commissioning before joining Sky in 2009 as Head Of Comedy.
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Credits include: ‘Shameless’, 'Skins', 'Wild At Heart'.
John has been BAFTA nominated twice for his work producing 'Shameless'.
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Credits include: ‘St. Trinian’s 1 & 2’, ‘Dorian Gray’, ‘Millions’.

Sophie has over 13 years under her belt in UK Development and is now Head Of Development at Ealing Studios, the oldest continuously w orking film studio in the world. 

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Credits include ‘Not Going Out’, ‘Pulling’, The Armstrong & Miller Show'.
Simon Wilson is an Executive Editor in the comedy commissioning team at the BBC.  


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Credits include: ‘Sabotage’, ‘Armstrong And Miller’, ‘Kevin Bishop Show’.
With ‘Sabotage’ Mark single-handedly promoted and produced one of the most exciting and underground comedy nights in London.
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Credits include ‘The News Quiz’, ‘The Now Show’, ‘Serious About Comedy’
Ed was given a BBC Radio Entertainment Producer Traineeship in 2002, he graduated to Producer in 2003 and has now made over 100 programmes for Radio 4 and BBC7.
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Credits include: ‘Newsjack’, ‘Just A Minute’, Alan Carr & Friends At The Fringe’.

Tilusha is a Comedy Producer who has helped launch BBC Radio 7 shows such as ‘Newsjack’ that promote new writers and comedians.

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Writer / Director
Charles Harris has worked with professional writers and directors all over the world and run pitching workshops at international film festivals, universities and film schools.
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Writing credits include TBC
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