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Top credits: ‘Doctors’, ‘Hollyoaks’, ‘The Orgasm Raygun'

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Who is this Martin Gooch bloke anyway? 

Although still appearing to be in his very, very late twenties, Gooch was actually born in 1872 due to an unexpected flux in the space time continuum.


Not a lot happened until 1992 when Gooch was 119 (see above) and went off to the US to be an Archaeologist, even though he didn't know anything about archaeology. Not knowing about things has never really been a set back for Gooch. After a degree in Film and Art, Gooch started work in the VFX Department on ‘Judge Dredd’.

 Since then Gooch has worked on more than 200 productions from ’Harry Potter’ to ’EastEnders’ and ‘Robot Wars’ to ‘Big Brother’.


He has filmed all over the world, from the Sahara to a swamp in Shepherd's Bush and still hasn't got a proper job.

 Gooch is the only person in the world to have been a winner with BBC Talent two years running.


He has made about 20 short film things give or take a few, but he can't quite remember.

Gooch has been directing ‘Doctors’ for BBC1, where footage from one of his episodes was used at the ITV Soap Awards, for Best Episode, and Best on screen chemistry, which won an Award!


In the last six months or so Gooch sold his first feature film script ‘The Dead and the Damned’, which is his seventh completed feature script, and has been Directing ‘Hollyoaks’ for Channel 4. He also Directed the live action bits for the ‘Spooks’ (BBC1) interactive website, which is the future of broadcasting, apparently.


His latest short film ‘The Gravity of Belief’ was nominated for best film at the 5th London Short Film Festival in January and was also a runner up at the Fortean Times Film Screening.

Gooch is currently studying for a Masters in screenwriting at the London College of Communication, which is part of the London University of the Arts.


Gooch loves far fetched fiction and has written several short stories and comics and stuff, most of which have not been published which just goes to show how unjust the universe is.


Gooch can hold his breath for 20 minutes, walk through fire, is immune to Vampire attack and is receiving therapy for his constant and compulsive lying.


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