Top credits as Director:
'Urban Ghost Story', 'White Angel', 'Gone Fishing'


Chris was born in the Northwest of England, in Wigan, an old coal mining town now more famous for its Rugby. Film making was not an obvious career choice, but Chris’ passion for cinema and drive to make his dreams come true resulted with him making a string of highly successful super 8mm horror movies which in turn landed him in film school.


It was while at film school that he made alliances with other film makers with whom he subsequently made three genre micro budget features – first was an action thriller starring Harrison Ford’s kid brother Terrance, ‘The Runner’. This baptism by fire soon led to a second feature film, ‘White Angel’, a serial killer thriller (US title ‘Interview With A Serial Killer’) starring Peter Firth. ‘White Angel’ later ran as the centrepiece film at the London Film Festival and picked up a bunch of international awards at festivals. The third micro budget feature was ‘Urban Ghost Story’, a gritty social realist paranormal tale set in Glasgow, Scotland which he wrote and produced.


It was during the making of these films that Chris decided to write

‘The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook’. When it hit the book shelves, it was an immediate success with Indie film makers. The book has since spawned two updates, an American edition and a third book, ‘The Movie Blueprint’. The books have helped and inspired over 100,000 new film makers to date.


After some years teaching and writing books, Chris relaunched his film making career in 2009 with the ambitious short ‘Gone Fishing’ The film was entirely funded with £50 ($100) donations and Chris has kept an extensive blog about his adventures at ‘Gone Fishing’ was Oscars shortlisted in 2009.


Chris lives in Ealing, West London and his business is based at the historic Ealing Film Studios.


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