Writer / Producer / Director

Top credits: ‘Red Dwarf’, ‘Spitting Image’, ‘The 10%ers’.

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Doug Naylor is a Screenwriter, Producer, Director and Writer for series including:



‘Over to Bill’ – (2010, Writer, Director, Producer).

‘Red Dwarf Back to Earth’ – (2009, Writer, Director and Exec Producer)

‘Red Dwarf’ VII and VIII – (Writer and Exec Producer),

‘Red Dwarf’ - Co-creator, Producer and Writer (with Rob Grant)

(6 series, BBC2, winner of various awards including International Emmy for Best Popular Arts Program 1994, British Comedy Awards Best Sitcom on BBC 1994),

‘The 10%ers’ - (2 series Carlton TV/ITV Network, Winner of Best Sit-Com at The British Comedy Awards, Silver Medal NY Festival 1994)

‘Spitting Image’ - (ITV - Montreux Rose & International Emmy awards).

‘Three of a Kind’ - (BBC TV - BAFTA Award)

‘Carrott's Lib’ - (BBC TV - BAFTA Award),

‘Son of Cliché’ - (BBC Radio 4, Sony Award for Best Comedy, Ondas Award)




‘Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers’ (with Rob Grant, 1989),

‘Red Dwarf: Better than Life’ (with Rob Grant, 1990)

‘Red Dwarf: Last Human’ (1995)


Doug is co-founder of Grant Naylor Productions Ltd and a member of the Performing Rights Society, BAFTA.


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